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About Us

Pretty Paid Bosses is more than a technological platform; it's backed by a team of specialists who are dedicated to helping your company reach its full potential, from one stage of growth to the next, by providing strategy, support, and resources.


Pretty Paid Bosses was created with one goal in mind: to help businesses become more profitable. We are passionate about what we do. Our goal is to assist every firm in the United States in becoming debt-free and profitable by 10% or more.


Hampton, GA is home to Pretty Paid Bosses. When compared to traditional accounting firms, you'll notice that our team is a little different. We aren't attempting to impress you by dressing up in expensive outfits. This process is about actual people for us, not about prestige. We don't hire people based on their ancestors. We hire people based on their abilities.


Every member of our staff has been hand-picked. In truth, joining the Pretty Paid Bosses team isn't easy. Our interview procedure is designed to select out specialists from other industries who do not share our mission's passion. They don't belong here if all they talk about is debits and credits. We're looking for folks who are passionate about leveraging tools to grow their businesses.